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Sphere on Spiral Stairs



Eastertide covers a fifty-day period (six Sundays) that challenges persons to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus. Ascension Day is celebrated the sixth Thursday after Easter and commemorates the last manifestation of Jesus to His followers after the resurrection. (See Luke 24:50-51 and Acts 1:2-11. Ascension Sunday is the Sunday following Ascension Day. The season ends with the Day of Pentecost. White is the appropriate color for the season, with gold as an accent color. There are many symbols for this significant celebration. They hold meanings that enhance the celebration and express the root of the Christian belief that believers will eventually be raised from the dead and enjoy eternal life. The symbols for Lent and Easter are different. Whereas the major symbols for Lent represent the agony, suffering, and pain that Jesus endured; the symbols of Easter represent new birth and renewal. Most of the symbols represent something that was dead or dormant but bursts forth into new life and growth. We continue to Celebrate Our RISEN SAVOIR! Amen!

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